Private Mortgage Vancouver, BC

Mortgage Specialist Heidi Hamano offers one stop service for a wide rage of mortgages.

People make financial mistakes or face challenges during course of one’s life that ultimately lead to a challenged credit. There are different alternative mortgage options available for new purchase or refinance. Let me assist you in planning a solid financial plan to put you back on track.

Private Mortgage may not be a familiar term for most consumers, but it can offer a viable short-term solution with a right exit strategy in place. Not like conventional mortgages offered by chartered banks, credit unions and mortgage companies, Private Mortgage is funded by private investors. In exchange for securing funds at higher interest rates, the approval process is more relaxed, mainly determined by property value, not a borrower’s income, employment status nor credit score. However, you must be aware that the additional fees associated with private lenders, including administrative fees (between 1 to 2% of borrowed fund) and appraisal fees must be considered. It should also be noted that throughout a term you are only paying monthly interest. Mortgage professionals understand that choosing a right private mortgage can be a daunting task when you are going through a tough time in life.

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