Investment Property Mortgage Vancouver, BC

Mortgage Specialist Heidi Hamano offers one stop service for a wide rage of mortgages.

If you are one of many Canadian homeowners, realized that real estate has been a desirable investment tool, and considering to further enhance your financial security by investing a residential or commercial property, start having a conversation with a mortgage specialist. Let me explore different mortgage options and grate rates available today.

With the high cost of urban living preventing many young families from buying a their first dream home, there is a clear shift of purchasing power from Baby Boomers to Millennials, more Millennials are turning to recreational properties as a viable option for home ownership.

Having access to many financial institutions, I have solutions for clients to achieve their goals.

Despite of the higher real estate price, owing a home is still considered to be a good investment.

Four major reasons why:

  1. Residential property values generally appreciate over time and are at the very least a good way to store value.
  2. Capital gains in a principal residence are never taxed, much like a tax free savings account.
  3. A home can be used as collateral to borrow through a home equity line of credit.
  4. A home can help generate rental income and can save homeowners from not having to rent (allowing them to diversify their investments).

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