Mortgage Services

    • Purchase

    Buying a home is without any doubt the biggest step in your life. Working with a mortgage specialist, who put your interest first, is a key to complete a successful real estate acquisition. Let me assist you to secure the best rate and flexible mortgage options.

    Why should you work with a mortgage specialist?

    • No charge for my service (OAC)
    • Expertise and unbiased advice 
    • Access to the lowest rate offered only through a mortgage   broker channel
    • Industry knowledge that can increase your buyer power 
    • Personal service cater to each client’s needs
    • Refinance / Renewal

    Your mortgage can be used as a great tool to improve your financial situation, especially when it comes to a renewal time. Avoid a mistake by sending a renewal contract to a current mortgage holder without discussing your options with me. Looking to consolidate your credit card or other debts? Hoping to access funds for investments, home renovations and other purpose? Or just simply searching for a better rate and a more flexible payment option? Let me negotiate with lenders on your behalf to secure the best mortgage that fits your financial goal.

    • Investment Property

    If you are one of many Canadian homeowners, realized that real estate has been a desirable investment tool, and considering to further enhance your financial security by investing a residential or commercial property, start having a conversation with a mortgage specialist. Let me explore different mortgage options and grate rates available today.

    • Alternative (Private) Mortgage

    People make financial mistakes or face challenges during course of one’s life that ultimately lead to a challenged credit. There are different alternative mortgage options available for new purchase or refinance. Let me assist you in planning a solid financial plan to put you back on track.

    • Special mortgage Program

    New to Canada - No credit nor employment history.
    Self Employed Program - A wide range of mortgage options to business owners with tax write-offs.
    Reverse Mortgage - Great financial solution for homeowners age over 55 who is looking to secure some monthly cashflow from existing home equity. 
    Purchase and improvement - Purchasing a property that requires some upgrading, but no extra fund is available.  Renovation cost can be added to a mortgage so that the finance can be managed easily upon a possession.
    Construction Mortgage – Thinking to build your own home?  A construction mortgage helps borrowers to build their dream home by minimizing an initial cost while making the planning and repayment process easier.  
    Land financing - Financing between 50% up to 75% of the land’s market value.  Maximum financing is determined by a location of the land and its size.  
    Commercial mortgage - Having access to a wide range of commercial financing for warehouse, office, multifamily apartment, assisted living facility and much more.  Our experienced commercial lending team is ready to assist you.  
    Challenged credit - Bankruptcy or bruised credit history.